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Recreational Insurance in Texas

Oryx Insurance Group knows that Texas residents love to travel. We adore the cities that we live in, but we also enjoy traveling to other areas of the state. A recreational vehicle (RV) provides an ideal means of combining a road trip with your accommodations. These rolling vacation homes require specialized recreational insurance policies instead of auto insurance.

Recreational Insurance Covers More Than RVs

While recreational insurance covers both the vehicle and your belongings inside it, more importantly, it covers your liability when driving it on the roads of Texas and beyond. If you caused an accident or damaged someone’s property while operating your RV, you incur liability for the damage. That means you have to pay for it.

A recreational insurance policy provides liability coverage, so if you cause an accident, the damaged party files a claim on your insurance. The recreational insurance policy pays for their incurred damages up to your policy’s maximums.

So, having a recreational policy in your Oryx Insurance Group insurance package does more than protect you from having to pay for a replacement door if your teen slams your vehicle's door too hard and breaks it. It does more than protect you from paying out of pocket if your laptop incurs water damage when the kitchen sink springs a leak that gushers like Old Faithful. It also provides financial protection if police find you at fault for an accident.

You Can Cover Other Recreational Toys on RV Policies

The recreational policy you purchase from Oryx Insurance Group also covers items like all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and Seadoos. Essentially, any toy you drive or ride can cover with liability and property damage, plus collision and comprehensive using a recreational policy.

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Let Oryx Insurance Group serving the cities that we live in, and the surrounding areas, help you insure your RV and other recreational toys. Contact us today to get started.

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